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Why URQUi?

The internet and virtual communication has become an everyday aspect of most peoples lives, and as a result exposed people to privacy intrusion.

Who are we?

URQUi,  a wholly owned product and trademark of Kinesis Identity Security System Inc.  has been developed to meet the needs of identity security and privacy throughout the world. URQUi is patented under the USPTO. You can read about the  URQUi patents US8789150 US9729540

What it means?

URQUi has created a win win framework for both individuals and organizations.

For individuals,  they now control their own security, and can function in the virtual world with greater confidence.

For organizations,  no longer have to worry about being cyber attacked to obtain confidential information, as well as their liability to hacking has been greatly diminished, which leads to a better and more fruitful relationship with their clients.

URQUi official endorsement from the Peoples Republic of China.

URQUi is a proud  partner in the ForgeRock Network

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Want to know more?

URQUi is based on ephemeral numbers, that are used as keys to identify individuals.

There are two related components to the framework. One that is used by an individual, and the second that is used by an organization(s).

The individual component  is an application that functions on any mobile or digital device.  The  purpose of this application is to create keys, locally on the device, no cellular or Wi-Fi connection is required.

A new set of numbers(URQUi key)  are created every minute(ephemeral) as indicated by the countdown clock shown below the URQUi key.

For organizations, their responsibility is to collect the URQUi keys from individuals with whom they have already created a relationship, in order to perform identify verification.  The organization, does not require any additional software or hardware to provide URQUi security, they simply just need to communicate with one of the many URQUi servers, that will perform the verification.

URQUi  is host agnostic (generic); once installed on an individuals device, it can work with any combination of government hosts, school hosts, non-profit hosts  or commercial hosts.

At no time is any individuals personal information collected, transmitted or saved.


URQUi is a proud ambassador of Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design 7 Foundational Principles

  1. PROACTIVE NOT REACTIVE! PREVENTIVE NOT REMEDIAL Privacy by Design comes before the fact, not after.
  2. PRIVACY IS THE DEFAULT SETTING No action required on the part of the individual to maintain their privacy.
  4. FULL FUNCTIONALITY No trade-offs are made. No false dichotomies; privacy or security?

Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D. Information and Privacy Commisioner of Ontario, Canada.

URQUi Design Principles

  • URQUi must not require the user to disclose or transmit confidential information.
  • URQUi must not keep records of mobile users.URQUi must be free for all users/clients.
  • URQUi must not require the user to keep ANYTHING* secret.
  • URQUi must not collect user data. Mobile user data not collected or retained, cannot be exploited.
  • URQUi must be free for all users/clients.
  • URQUi must work with multiple servers.
  • URQUi must not require users to purchase anything.
  • URQUi provides security and privacy with anonymity.

Privacy is the responsibility of individuals and organizations.
URQUi can help individuals take control of their privacy.

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CAS Single Signon

URQUi adds OTP / 2FA to CAS.

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