1. How do you pronounce URQUi ?

It is pronounced Your Key.

2. How do I get URQUi onto my phone?

Depending on the type of mobile device you have, you would either download it from the related “app store” or if your device is not associated with an “app store” you can download it directly from our website.

3. Do I have to provide any personal information?

No personal information of any kind is asked for or is copied from your phone.

4. Will it ask me for my phone number?

No, your phone number is of no use for this application.

5. How can I be sure it won't harm my phone?

Each individual “app store” verifies the function of the application to ensure that it does not do anything that is malicious.

6. What is the cost for an individual?

There is absolutely no cost to you, either to receive the application, or use it.

7. What if I decide I don't want it?

If you don’t want it, you simply delete the application from your phone. There will be an option on your phone to erase the application. Every phone is different, so we cannot give specifics, but your service provider will be able to assist you.

8. Will there be any phone charges when I use it?

No. The URQUi is created locally on your phone, nothing is received or transmitted, so it doesn’t matter if you have cell phone reception.

9. How does it work?

A different 6 digit number (URQUi) is displayed every 60 seconds. This is the number that you would enter whenever you are prompted to confirm your identity.

10. What is the clock below the number for?

The clock counts down the number of seconds that URQUi will remain valid.

11. Why does the clock change colour?

The clocks colour changes to give a visual representation of time remaining. The colour goes from green (lots of time) to amber (take caution about time ) to red( time is soon to expire). As the time remaining goes into the red arc, depending on the speed of your internet connection, the number may expire by the time the validation takes place, in which case you will have to enter a new URQUi.

12. What is the RQUi for?

RQUi (Our Key) is your unique identifier to the URQUi system. This is the number that you would give to any institution that uses URQUi to protect your identity. This number does not have to be kept secret, and by itself does not identify you in any way.

13. How to I get an RQUi?

The RQUi is retrieved over your phones internet connection. Depending on your mobile phone service, there maybe a cost, However, because the amount of data is very small the cost would be minimal.

14. What kind of database does it use? Can the information be stolen?

URQUi does not use any database, or store data in any form, so there is no risk of the data being stolen or viewed by anyone.

15. Do I need a separate a RQUi for different applications or organizations?

No. Once you have installed the URQUi application on your device, and been assigned an RQUi, then it will function for any number of applications or organizations.

16. We are an organization that would like to use URQUi, Would we be required to purchase additional hardware or software?

In almost all cases your existing hardware and software would be sufficient to use URQUi. We are a service based organization. You would simply register with us, and choose one of our rate plans to use URQUi.

17. What is RQUi ?

The RQUi can be found on your options menu. Select View RQUi to see it. Note: Except for the “Try It” page, the RQUi would normally be registered with any institution that you wish to protect your identity, so that it would not have to be re-entered.

18. What is URQUi ?

The URQUi is the number displayed on the main screen that changes every 60 seconds.